Coaching for Culture of Conflicts and Conflict Management

Does the following situation sound familiar to you? Starting with a disagreement, which was not resolved, the office starts to freeze into an icy atmosphere. There are conflicts with superiors, within the team or with employees. When trying to find a solution we tend to focus rather on problems and mistakes (of others). We get stuck in our thoughts and can’t seem to find a solution.

What to do in such a situation? Being a coach, I support you to break free from old thoughts and habits and to open up for new ideas and solutions.

Together we develop new solutions tailored to your needs in order to find a constructive way to handle conflicts. This can take place in individual coachings, team coachings, or while strengthening your conflict expertise during a training or in developing a specific system of conflict management for your company.

Discover the chance of change which lies in conflicts – for solutions without losers.